2023 Dalian Science and Technology Week kicked off


Yesterday, the 2023 Dalian Science and Technology Week kicked off at the Dalian Science and Technology Innovation Conference. From now until May 31st, our city will carry out nearly 100 activities to popularize characteristic science and benefit the people to lead the public into the world of science and technology and feel the charm of science.

还有个很别扭的说法,“popularize characteristic science”究竟是什么意思呢?我只能找到中文,发现是“面向公众的特色科学普及惠民活动”。依然不懂,接着看有什么特色?其实就是围绕大连优势领域的一些科普。至于,” benefit the people to lead the public into the world of science and technology and feel the charm of science” 这些话太空洞了。


Dalian planned to organize 100 activities to enhance public awareness of science, particularly in fields that Dalian enjoy advantages, during the Science and Technology Week from May 18 to 31.

The opening ceremony also marked the start of an conference to boost innovation. 然后这个段落可以介绍创新大会的相关信息。


 Xiong Maoping presided over meeting of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee to review “Three Mechanisms for Promoting the High-quality Development of Projects in Dalian” 

Xiong Maoping presided over meeting of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee to further study and deploy the city to carry out in-depth theme education work

这种会议不需要强调谁主持,直接写出会议主题就行了。对于“主题教育活动”不能翻译为theme education work,实际上是themed Party education campaign因为这个运动包括了多个主题。重要的是,这类全国性的党建活动,大连不需要去编译英语的,新华社等都有报道(比如https://english.news.cn/20230402/dbd78b36324f454c8d96b3903324ff9f/c.html),地方城市只是落实而已。

Dalian carries out cross-inspection of major hazard source enterprises of hazardous chemicals


这个标题,比较wordy,可以改为 Dalian enhances safety inspection of hazardous chemicals


The Taiping Bay version of “Guide to Doing Things without Looking for Relationships” was launched(https://en.dl.gov.cn/art/2023/5/23/art_688_2078683.html)

这篇新闻“办事不找关系指南”翻译为了Guide to Doing Things without Looking for Relationships 太粗暴和有点搞笑。“关系”是个很有特色的词汇,可以翻译为personal connections or social networks. 老外对这个词并不陌生,因为太多太多的相关报道和解释了。在企业活动中办事找关系属于规则权责不明确下的一种产物,就是找个deal maker,deal broker, business intermediary。“办事不找关系指南”对于中文读者来说接地气,翻译为英语的时候直接说办事指南就可以了,就是个governmental service guide  




It is reported that the “Guide” contains a total of 112 high-frequency examination and approval items. According to the provincial and municipal preparation standards, Taiping Bay has compiled the contents of the sections such as power matters, doing things without finding relationship paths, compliance business guidelines, illegal prohibitions, and tolerance acceptance matters, and has been combed and revised many times, striving for detailed content and accurate information, and truly making enterprises and working people “easy to read”, “easy to ask” and “easy to understand” At present, Taiping Bay Edition’s Guide to Doing Things without Looking for Relationships has been made public online and offline through Dalian Government Service Network and Taiping Bay Government Service Center.

改写: 表达同样的意思,但是更清楚。

Taiping Bay in Dalian City has introduced a guide on administrative approval for 112 matters, in accordance with provincial and municipal standards. 

This guide provides a clear outline of the responsibilities of governmental departments, procedures, and requirements. It enables enterprises in the port area to understand how to handle specific administrative approval issues without relying on personal connections






硬核,不要翻译为hard-core 或者hardcore,大家可以自行去搜索这个词常出现在什么语境中。修饰政策措施的词包括sound, robust, effective, well-thought-out, rational, practical, pragmatic 等

Taizhou Launches 10 Hard-core Measures on Environmental Protection



“防火墙”翻译为Firewall也非常有问题,即便带了引号也不该用,难道不知道英文读者看到Firewall会想到什么吗?这里直接说financial fraud prevention program, anti-financial fraud measures, fraud risk mitigation等

First “Firewall” Built for Financial Security in Taizhou


Internet financial crimes like illegal fund-raising and loan fraud has been increasing these years. To fend off financial risks, ensure financial security and social stability, the People’s Procuratorate of Jiaojiang and Jiaojiang Finance Work Center collaborated on the initiative 11 Terms for the Prevention and Regulation of Financial Risks and Corresponding Procuratorial Supervision, building a “firewall” against financial risks.

Taizhou to Create Eco-friendly Business Environment


Water accumulates and fish breeds, woods thrive and birds inhabit. Being eco-friendly and more livable is a higher level for a business environment and an embodiment of competitiveness. On May 5, the press conference of “Reform Project I”, involving 10 hard-core measures on environmental protection for the optimization of business environment in Taizhou was convened by Taizhou Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau, in order to create an eco-friendly business environment.



Speed up Two “50%”Missions in 2nd Quarter with Solid Performance


The regular meeting for the vigorous promotion of innovating and deepening the reform and opening up and county (city, district) work exchange was convened on May 6, which was presided by Municipal Party Secretary Li Yueqi, in whose speech the initiative of high-quality development that should be grasped by all localities and departments was stressed on, the three ways of further innovating and deepening the reform and opening up was focused on, and the acceleration of two “50%”missions in quarter 2 was mentioned, so that Taizhou could be dedicated to the current work and reply with a satisfactory result in the first half of this year. The meeting was held by video, with sub-meetings for all counties (cities, districts) , as well as the Taizhou Bay New Area. Wu Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee and Mayor of Taizhou deployed relevant work for the 2nd quarter, and city leaders, such as Wu Haiping and Ye Haiyan were also present.

这完全是机械的翻译。这里涉及到一些中国特色的词汇,如果不去解释就无法理解。比如什么是“two “50%”missions”。“双过半”,时间过半、任务过半?早在2014年,中国产经新闻报就有文章指出“双过半”隐忧(http://finance.sina.com.cn/roll/20140609/025719349338.shtml)



综合评述:领导讲话涉及到缩略语需要介绍。其实,这个新闻根本并不需要翻译为英语。 台州市还有很多英语新闻,就是开了某个会议,把很多参会的人都罗列出来。这有什么传播意义呢?

再比如“Reclaiming Taizhou” National Reading Activity of 2023 Launched,http://en.zjtz.gov.cn/art/2023/5/6/art_1229022777_57733678.html,不知道为什么这个读书节翻译为Reclaiming Taizhou,好像是台州被收回一样,打开新闻一看也是罗列了某某某参加启动仪式,但是这里的核心问题实际上应该是解释这个活动要做什么,特别是Reclaiming Taizhou究竟是什么意思。











Zhongshan’s awards ‘Most Beautiful Families’

Zhongshan’s “Most Beautiful Families” for 2023 were announced at the launch ceremony of the “Harmony Brings Prosperity” Family Culture Promotion Month of Zhongshan on May 15.

Winners of the “Most Beautiful Families of China” for 2023, the 17th “Guangdong Literary Families”, as well as the “Zhongshan Top 10 Literary Families” and the “Zhongshan Top 10 Most Beautiful Families” for 2023 were awarded at the event.

This year, Zhongshan has 1 family selected as the “Most Beautiful Families of China” and 1 family as the 17th “Guangdong Literary Families”. They are the family of Huang Wenfa in East District and the family of Pan Tianyuan in Huangpu Town.











Zhongshan honours families in launching citywide campaign

Zhongshan city honoured families that won national and provincial awards on May 15 while launching a citywide campaign to promote family culture under the theme of “Harmony Brings Prosperity”.

Huang Wenfa’s family was the only one from Zhongshan to win the national title of Most Beautiful Families, an honour organized by the All-China Women’s Federation to promote the spirit dedication, creativity, diligence and thrift. The 2023 edition has 1,000 families recognized nationwide. 

Huang and his wife, Lin Shaofeng, have always looked after his disabled brother since they got married in 1981. The couple has also taught their children to be kind and helpful too, winning praises from the locals.

The family of Pan Tianyuan  was the only winner from Zhongshan to receive the honour of Guangdong Literary Families, organized by the Guangdong Women’s Federation to make reading and lifelong learning a core part of family life. 

Pan and his wife have invested all their life savings into the construction of a cultural centre using the four rooms of their ancestral home. The venue has  a collection of nearly 10,000 books of various kinds .

注意:从结构上来说,还应该有一段介绍 “家庭文化宣传月”,可以这样过渡,the awarding ceremony also marked the start of the city’s campaign to promote family culture. 再介绍内容,参考相关报道:https://www.zsbtv.com.cn/a/bdxw/content_202176.shtml,各级妇联上下呼应、部门积极联动,将开展360多项群众喜闻乐见、形式丰富新颖的主题活动,倡导全社会共同关注参与家庭教育,让家庭文明之花在中山遍地开放,让文明之风吹进千家万户、润泽社会,为全国文明城市创建赋予温暖而坚定的家庭力量。这里就不再写出来了。












On May 8, the Symposium on Cutting-Edge Technology for Offshore Wind Power Vessels, which was sponsored by the Wind Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Society, was held in Shantou. Experts in the field of offshore wind power and representatives of domestic and foreign offshore wind power-related enterprises, scientific research institutions and associations gathered in Shantou for discussions and exchanges, pooling industry wisdom and strength to boost the construction of Shantou International Wind Power Innovation Hub and the high-quality development of the offshore wind power industry.

In his speech, Mayor Zeng Fengbao pointed out that as a national first-class port city and one of China’s top five offshore wind power bases, Shantou has unique advantages in offshore wind power development and construction. He hoped that the participating experts, scholars and guests would have in-depth communication and discussion, deepen exchanges and cooperation, come up with ideas and proposals for the development of the offshore wind power industry in Shantou. Shantou sincerely welcomes all offshore engineering enterprises, development enterprises and research institutes to choose Shantou, invest in Shantou, and join hands with Shantou to create a better future for the high-quality development of the offshore wind power industry.


 Shantou recently hosted the Symposium on Cutting-Edge Technology for Offshore Wind Power Vessels, organized by the Wind Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Society. 

The symposium brought together experts, representatives from domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutions, and associations. The event aimed to harness collective industry knowledge and resources to transform Shantou into an international innovation hub and a prominent player in the offshore wind power industry.

During the symposium, Shantou Mayor Zeng Fengbao emphasized the city’s strengths, highlighting its status as a first-class national port city and one of China’s top five offshore wind power bases.

Mayor Zeng called for in-depth discussions, exchanges, and cooperation to support the city’s development in the industry. He warmly welcomed enterprises and research institutes to explore opportunities for growth and collaboration in Shantou.







On the morning of May 9, the award ceremony of the 4th “Mayor Cup” Industrial Design Competition and the opening ceremony of Shantou Industrial Design Week were held at Expo Center of Chaoshan History and Culture.

The Event features seven special sessions, including the Award Ceremony of the “Mayor Cup” Industrial Design Competition, the Opening Ceremony of the Industrial Design Week, the Industrial Green Design Summit, the Exhibition of Outstanding Works of the Competition, the Industrial Design Product Exhibition, the Matchmaking Conference for Applying Research Results to Production, and the “Entering Shantou” Industrial Cluster, and will continue until May 21. The Competition consists of the main competition (product design group and concept design group) and five major special competitions, including textiles and clothing, toy creativity, Shantou gift, “overseas Chinese” theme design, and Shantou craftsmen selection. A total of 3,400 works were collected, and a batch of outstanding works with new design concepts, high technology content, and great application value were selected. The major awards include the gold, silver and bronze awards of the main competition and special competitions, top ten outstanding industrial designers, top ten emerging industrial designers, and Shantou craftsmen.



The fourth edition of the “Mayor Cup” Industrial Design Competition held its award ceremony at the Shantou History and Culture Expo Center on May 9, which also marked the launch of Shantou Industrial Design Week.

The event encompassed seven sessions that will run until May 21, such as the Industrial Green Design Summit and a business matchmaking conference.

The competition consisted of five categories, spanning from textiles and clothing, toys, gifts, and a special category focused on the theme of overseas Chinese as Shantou is the ancestral hometown of many overseas Chinese.

The competition received more than 3,400 entries, including some featuring fresh ideas, advanced technology, and promising applications. 

The awards recognized  top ten outstanding industrial designers, top ten emerging industrial designers, and individuals honoured as Shantou craftsmen. 







From April 28 to 30, a delegation led by Lim Chu Chin, Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Thailand, visited Shantou. Through field visits, they acclaimed the new look, new changes and new vitality of the development of their hometown, renewed their hometown attachment, and deepened exchanges and cooperation.

During their stay in Shantou, the delegation visited the Port-opening Area of Small Park, and from a zero-distance, experienced the red culture, overseas Chinese culture, intangible cultural heritage, and food culture. The delegation also went to Xinan Town in Chenghai District to conduct cultural root-seeking activities, visited Guangyi Sub-district to learn about the planning of the Sino-Thai Tongxin Cultural Exchange Park, and discussed and connected with Chenghai on cooperation matters such as the joint construction of the overseas Chinese cultural town, Sino-Thai cultural exchange museum, Chinese language education institution, and Sino-Thai featured commercial street.


首先,目前采用的直译的方式是很难阅读的。比如中文是“零距离感受这里的红色文化、华侨文化、非遗文化、美食文化。”翻译为“experienced the red culture, overseas Chinese culture, intangible cultural heritage, and food culture.”这里因该略微解释才对,而不能是四个culture


They gained a direct understanding of historical sites with modern revolutionary legacies, the city’s reputation as a hometown of overseas Chinese communities, its intangible cultural heritage, and its signature cuisine.

其次,专有名词最好采纳其官方翻译,比如泰国中华总商会是翻译为Thai -Chinese Chamber of Commerce 


A delegation led by Lim Chu Chin, Chairman of Thai -Chinese Chamber of Commerce, visited Shantou from April 28 to 30.

Participants were impressed by the city’s vibrant transformation and development momentum in the visit , which helped deepen their connection to Shantou and enhance collaboration and exchange.

(上面这个段落要比原文要好吧?Through field visits, they acclaimed the new look, new changes and new vitality of the development of their hometown, renewed their hometown attachment, and deepened exchanges and cooperation.)






At the end of 2022, Wenzhou had a permanent resident population of 8,318 million, while the registered population was 9.679 million.


这里是标点错误,应该是8.318 million


里面有个问题就是瑞浦兰钧新能源制造基地项目,不适合音译为Ruipu Lanjun,应该是











  1. Hangzhou Witnesses a Steady Growth in Global Trade  
  2. Walk Along the Grand Canal Toward the Ancient Town  
  3. Song-Style Wedding on the Waters  
  4. National Poetry Competition Award Ceremony Held at the Greatest Poet’s Memorial
  5. World Earth Day Celebrated across Hangzhou  
  6. Tea Drinking Day is Happening in Hangzhou  
  7. Enjoy all Zhejiang Delicacies in One Day  
  8. Hangzhou’s Airport Exported Compact a New Energy Vehicle for the First Time  
  9. Award Ceremony of the First “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” Kicks off 
  10. Springtime Longjing Tea is Answering A Curtain Call 
  11. Go Find Thrills of Ancient Culture in Kuahuqiao Culture Site Museum  
  12. The Flavor of the Song Culture Reborn in Xinanjiang 
  13. Giant Manmade Crop Characters Thrill Park Visitors 
  14. Mouthwatering Food Presented in Creative Dish Competition of the West Lake 
  15. Fashion is in Full Flow in Hangzhou
  16. Try Your Hand at Inscription Rubbing at the Yue Temple on Saturday  
  17. Cherry Blossom Run: A Springtime Hangzhou Romance   
  18. Hangzhou Airport Launched its First Entirely Cargo Route in 2023  
  19. Two Innovation Centers to be Opened in Mengqi Town 
  20. Peach and Pear Blossoms Greet Visitors Coming in Swarms  
  21. Jingshan Tea to Be Harvested from March 18  
  22. Artinno Town: A National Base for “New Organizations and Groups for Art and Culture” 
  23. Archery League Closes at the Asian Games Venue  
  24. Multiple Watching Spaces Gear Up for the Asian Games 
  25. Jingshan Tea to Be Harvested in Late March  
  26. Spring Tea Picking Kicked off in Qiandao Lake  
  27. Plum Blossoms Are in the Prime at Xixi Wetlands 
  28. Breeze Awakens the Lakeside Park  
  29. West Lake District Endeavors to Build Brands in Cultural Tourism  
  30. “Asian Games 10 Cities Tour” Kicks off in Greater Bay Area  
  31. Plum Blossoms Play the Lead in Tour Attractions 
  32. First Restaurant in China to Dine with Penguins 
  33. 2023 Lin’an Half Marathon Is around the Corner 
  34. Zhejiang Exhibition Hall Makes a New Debut at Night 
  35. Golden Cruise Routes Set Sail along the “Three Rivers and Their Banks”  
  36. “Hangzhou Talent Code” Wins Award from Province Authority  
  37. Withered Lotus Flowers and Stalks to be Cut in Two Weeks 
  38. Hunting for the Most Beautiful Scenes along the Canal 
  39. A Day back to the Southern Song Dynasty  
  40. Back to the Old New Year in Sugars  
  41. Hubin: New Year Celebrated by Drums Dancers and Image Artworks  
  42. New Year’s Aura Comes Alive with Local Heritage Artists  
  43. Nomination of “Hangzhou Digital Craftsman” Debuted  
  44. Fashion Review Unveiled in National Silk Museum in Honor of the Past 30 Years  
  45. Xixi Wetland: A Rebound of Sightseeing Business with 42,000 Visitors 
  46. Spring Festival Shopping Festival Kicks off on January 6  
  47. Free Admission to 17 Scenic Spots in Hangzhou by March 31  
  48. Hangzhou Asian Para Games Releases Its Theme Song 
  49. Pilot Section of Lin’an-Jiande Expressway to be in Use 
  50. Clean and Shine – How Fenkou Is Made So Beautiful 
  51. Fuchun Sub-district Have Pros for a Booming Rural Economy  
  52. Hangzhou Airport Offers Phone Plate Scanning to Pay Fees 
  53. Asian Games 2022 Gifts or Badges on the Shelf Again 
  54. The Lake in Winter Is Alive with Water Birds 
  55. Hangzhou Regulates Her Foreign Language Public Signs 
  56. Go for a Night Session at the National Wetland Museum of China to Understand Endangered Animals  
  57. Shangcheng, A New Destination for Over a Hundred Privileged Brands  
  58. Chefs in Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shaoxing to Cook a “Mobile Feast”  




原文中有一些长而复杂的句子,使信息变得混乱。比如,”Qingdao has profound friendship and close cooperation with Finland. Qingdao and Salo of Finland established friendly cooperation relation, Qingdao No. 2 Middle School and Salo High School are sister schools, and the exchange and cooperation among enterprises of Qingdao and Finland are very close.”这些内容可以拆成多个句子,以提高可读性。

重复的词和短语: 文本中重复使用一些单词和短语,这可能使其听起来重复和单调。

缺乏清晰和准确: 文本中的一些句子含糊不清,缺乏清晰和准确,使人难以理解所要表达的意思。


语法和选词方面存在一些错误,如用 “pass “代替 “permission”,用 “manifest “代替 “show”。

– 文中使用了一些不明确的短语,如 “所有相关方的不懈努力”。






雄安新区建设担负着巨大的责任, 要体现“世界眼光、国际标准、中国特色、高点定位”,但是目前的英文网内容存在着非常明显其实也很容易解决的问题。在评析之前先明确一下几个问题,我用这个图来显示:



  • 信息滞后。一些政策、新闻、服务信息都是多年之前的。
  • 选题不当。比如新闻很多是宽泛的国内新闻,真正雄安在做什么、如何做的、进展如何这些关键信息,都找不到。